About Us

The entrance of the Stigmatine Property in Waltham, MA

We are a Catholic religious congregation of priests and brothers, founded by St. Gaspar Bertoni in Verona, Italy, in 1816.  Following the footsteps of our holy founder, we are present in the world as Apostolic Missionaries in the service of Bishops.  As Stigmatines, we preach the Word of God, help in the formation of the Youth and assist in Clergy formation.

St. Gaspar Bertoni was a priest who lived in Verona between 1777 and 1853. It was the time when Verona was the battleground between fighting the troops of Austria and France. Living with total confidence and abandonment in God, Fr. Bertoni achieved his goals and surpassed everything despite the odds. He also took the opportunity to start a new religious community, the Stigmatines, which continuously live his ideals up to this day.

Fr. Bertoni entrusted his congregation to the protection of the Holy Spouses Mary and Joseph, whose model of confidence in God is our inspiration to carry out our missionary charism.

We are trying to present in these web pages the basic information about the Stigmatine¬†Congregation’s presence in the United States. If you have some comments, suggestions or need further information, please contact us, and we will gladly respond to you.

Thank you for visiting! Many blessings, through the intercession of our Holy Patrons and Founder!