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              The regular monthly  morning of recollection took place on October 4, 2014 – the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

            The group assembled in St. Joseph’s Hall Chapel, for  the 9:00 o’clock Community  Mass, celebrated by the Marist and Stigmatine Fathers, under the leadership of the Provincial, Fr. Gregory Hoppough, one of the con-celebrants.. Fr. Henchey was main celebrant and he spoke on the Lord’s Prayer – and its center-piece, Thy will be done!  He noted that as the Heavenly Father gave up His only-begotten, most beloved Son [cf. Rm 8:32; Jn 3:16] – the saint of Assisi gave up his earthly father, excessively  attached to his possessions, for his espousals to Lady Poverty.

            It was pointed out that this was present in the 7 day creation story [beginning liturgically in the evening, then the morning, moving through the 7 day celebration  – for this Liturgy of Life], as well as in the Redemption narrative as lived by Jesus Himself,  lived through His life, perfected by His  ex-spiration on Calvary. Mary echoed this in her FIAT to the angel, making her the Mother of God– and confirmed this by standing next to the Cross  of Christ, becoming the Mother of the Church.

            The Our Father was lived in the Church’s faith as noted in DV 5 – as Mary and Joseph lived it toward each other, as noted in Pope John’s Paul’s Redemptoris Custos, emphasizing  St. Joseph and his husband’s self-giving to Mary  and to the Christ child. For St. Ignatius it was the FIAT of a soldier’s obedience – for St. Francis de Sales, it was the fiat of charity.

            For St. Gaspar Bertoni his fiat was apostolic as well as the acceptance of life long-poor health – a fiat of hope in his life-long oblation [obsequium  –  cf. Rm 12:1] to God’s Mercy

             In the meeting itself at 10:00, it was noted that John Marzilli was attending a funeral for a family member. The pertinent parts of a letter from Tereza and Vicente Lopes, our long distance members from Brazil, living in Plano TX.  And Fr. Henchey noted a new member from Sacramento CA, John Archueta. Those attending offered prayers for the recently concluded Council of Superiors and its decisions. Next year this annual meeting has been scheduled for  this USA Stigmatine Province.

             The death this week  of Fr. Carlo Cappai, CSS in Italy was noted – and prayers offered for the repose of his soul.

             The conference pondered on the Holy Abandonment of St. Gaspar Bertoni, flowing also from St. Ignatius’ Personal prayer, Suscipe [cf. Sp Ex #  234] and the Prayer of Abandonment of  Charles  de  Foucauld.

            The meeting ended with the Sacrament of Reconciliation  being celebrated for those who requested it. The next meeting is set for Saturday November 1, 2014.

Day of Recollection and Work Plan for the Stigmatine Laity

On this first day of summer – the longest of the year [?] – we had a very pleasant day of recollection [Mass and a Conference] here on the liturgical commemoration of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, on the Influence of St. Gregory the Great, Pope, and St. Gaspar Bertoni.

The few of us present made plans for the coming year: to meet each First Saturday – and we will contact the members that used to attend, to see if they might be interested again, with our new format. We will ask for their prayers, and promise our own Mass is at 9:00 a.m. – coffee break after Mass until 10:00 – a 45 minute reflection on the Stigmatine spirituality and 15 minutes or so, of questions and discussion. The idea will be to cover one of the 12 parts of the original Stigmatine Constitutions each month. The typewritten text will be given to each one who can attend. The entire monthly endeavor is due to end around 11:00 a.m., starting in September.

Father Joseph Henchey, CSS,
Moderator of Stigmatine Laity