The upper blue background for the stars signifies the Faith toward which our members strive in order to become mirrors of sanctity.

The Five Stars, in the form of a cross, represent the Five Wounds, or the Stigmata of Our Lord Jesus Christ, from which we derive the title, Stigmatine Fathers and Brothers.

The red background behind the lilies, in the lower half, represents theCharity which the Stigmatines embrace to conquer souls and dominate all hearts.

The two lilies united together under the motto of our Congregation, “Euntes Docete”, Latin for “Go forth and teach,” depict our holy Patrons, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph.

The dividing line of silver, between the upper and lower halves, stands for Concord which together with innocence of life and purity of intentions shall bestow happiness and victory on all our members.

The olive tree branches around the shield are symbol of Peace, that the members of the Congregation strive to infuse on the conscientious, on the family and on the society.