On June 2, 2021, by the imposition of the hands of the Bishop Giuseppe Pasotto, CSS, the American Antonio Lopez was ordained a Stigmatine Priest at San Fermo Maggiore Church, in Verona.

The Stigmatine Congregation, his friends, and the Stigmatine Laity congratulate him and thank God for this wonderful gift!

“San Fermo Maggiore is a beautiful church in Verona, which still bears the scent of the passage of St. Gaspar Bertoni, the founder of the Stigmatines, and where the pulpit is indicated where he preached the popular mission with so much fruit in 1816. I prayed to be a good priest, happy, full of that joy I saw on the face of the first two Stigmatines I met in California, to whom my admiration and thanks go.
The path to the priesthood is like a path of falling in love that makes you feel a feeling of joy and fullness in wonderful growth. This is the message I would like to send to young people who are undecided in their choice of life”, stated the just ordained Fr. Antonio Lopez.

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Source: Il Missionario, July-August edition, pp. 24-26.