Stigmatines – St. Joseph’s Hall

554 Lexington Street

Waltham MA 02452

 Regular Stigmatine Lay Meeting

Saturday, September 12, 2015

             The regular meeting of the group assembled this morning with the 9:00 o’clock Mass.Fr. Henchey celebrated the Mass, in the presence of the Very Reverend Provincial, Fr. Gregory Hoppough, CSS in attendance.

             At 10:00 o’clock, following a few announcements, the meeting was conducted by Page Vandewater and John Marzilli, who represented the USA Province at the Stigmatine International Meeting that was held in Brazil last month. At our meeting today, was also a visiting confrere from Thailand, Fr. Philip Pornchai who will celebrate 25 years as a priest later this year.

             Both Page Vandewater and John Marzilli publicly thanked our two Stigmatize Lay members from Brazil, Tereza and Vicente Lopes. They both contributed so much to the presentation that our representatives gave in Brazil on our activities here.

             The announcements were that Fr. Henchey will not be present for the October meeting, to be held three weeks from today, October 3rd, at the 9:00 o’clock Mass. As a result Fr. Ferrecchia, CSS will be the celebrant and will present some on the Papal Exhortation of Pope St. John Paul II, the Guardian of the Redeemer – an excellent insight into the mystery of the Espousals and Joseph’s husbandly gift of self – much like Mary’s fiat to the angelic message.  There will be no other aspect of the meeting other than this.

             Enclosed in this packet will be the actual sermon of St Gaspar Bertoni, on this feast of the Holy Name of Mary in September of 1805, as a young priest – over 210 years ago!

             Fr. Provincial drew the enthusiastic meeting to a close with a prayer of thanksgiving for the Stigmatine Laity held in Brazil.

             There was distributed a CD Rom with all the Founder’s works available in English. This CD Rom was prepared by Tereza and Vicente lopes living in Plano Texas.

             The meeting ended with  the availability of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

 Respectfully submitted:

 Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS

Acting Spiritual Director


Photo by Father Philip Pornchai , CSS
Photo by Father Philip Pornchai , CSS
Photo by Father Philip Pornchai , CSS
Photo by Father Philip Pornchai , CSS
Photo by Father Philip Pornchai , CSS
Photo by Father Philip Pornchai , CSS


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