Father Henry Linse’s funeral and burial – on January 20, 2015

Wilma Morin and I went together, plus Colleen K. Kodjian and her husband came, so there was a representation of the Lay Stigmatines.

The funeral was very nice. It was in the lower Chapel @ Sacred Heart, in Milford.

There were some nieces, nephews and a few old friends there in addition to the Stigmatines…. also, Joseph Desir came, John (the cook) and Don.

Fr.  Greg was the chief celebrant, Fr. Deeker the master of ceremonies and Fr. Henchey gave a wonderful eulogy.

The music was very, very good also.

THANKFULLY the weather held for the burial. Although it was 30 degrees, there was no wind, and the day sunny.

Afterwards, we returned to Sacred Heart for a nice luncheon in the community room, behind the downstairs chapel. A parishioner, who owns a deli, put up a dynamite salad, wonderful wrap sandwiches and delicious pastries.

Fr. Linse was a very holy priest….never wavered in his ministry…. and, when he was too frail and too hard of hearing to be involved with others, he kept up his Bible Studies.

Some priests ‘die with their boots on’…. whether they are in parish ministry, bedridden and praying for the poor souls in Purgatory or continuing their writing…

All are an inspiration to those of whose are aging ourselves!

In the spirit of St. Gaspar,

Page Vandewater