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January 22, 2017
Eve of our Patronal Feast of the Holy Spouses

Dear Stigmatine Lay Member,

A Baseball Pitcher

In the month that will soon open, we find ourselves in the midst of winter – yearning for the spring.  Soon we will hear the clarion call for baseball teams: Pitchers and Catchers are called to Spring Training early in February! This is an early call to an anticipated spring.  We look ahead to Lent, followed by the new springtime and the resurrection.

A Baseball Catcher

For the month of February, I offer, on Appendix I, these reflections to the Stigmatine Laity: pondering on the month of February through our history from the “Stigmatine Calendar” and our call to detachment and to trust in the God of the blessings more than to the Blessings of God!

For this month of February, I submit, on Appendix II, an English translation of a recent serious theological study on Christ, as Spouse [of the soul; of the Church].

May the God of Mercy bless us all in our efforts to serve the Church, Spouse of Christ – to be more dedicated to the Nuptial Banquet of the Eucharist – to look forward to the eternal Easter Nuptial banquet of everlasting life!

Respectfully yours in St. Gaspar!

Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS
Acting Spiritual Director

Appendix I:

Stigmatine Calendar for May

Appendix II:

The Lord Jesus Christ: Spouse of the Church and the Soul [Christology and Contemplation] – by Vincenzo Bataglia.  English translation by Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS